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I've marked the 65th anniversary of D-Day by marathoning through seasons 2 and 3 of Foyle's War. I was going to go on a crusade of finding quality television for the summer until I realized I already have it right here on my computer. It's a great, great show and today more than ever was the right time to indulge in its glory and feel grateful that good sometimes does trump evil.

I'm going to resume the search for summer tv, I only need a bit of distraction for a few weeks because then Mad Men shall return and all will be right with the world for 13 weeks. A marathon through the previous two seasons might be in order before August just to remind myself what a complicated, dysfunctional relationship I have with Mr. Draper. However, if you have any recommendations for quality summer tv, don't hesitate to share.

Thank You!

To everyone who sent me messages and left me birthday gifts and pretty things, thank you very, very much! I do know how lucky I am and they do not go unappreciated, even if sometimes it takes me forever to respond on LJ. As you may have seen on Laura's journal, meeting her just a few days before our common birthday has been yet another great flist encounter.

I was just telling liadra21 that all of the online friends I've met so far have impressed me way beyond the point of exceeding my expectations and it was only reinforced by meeting Laura.  I'm looking forward to meeting more of you. :) Hey, anybody going to be in Budapest a couple of weekends from now? Cause we're going!
I started my trip spectacularly before I left home by losing some money before I even left on my way to exchanging them into Euros. It`s not that much, it`s just annoying. That was the least of my adventures though.

I haven´t checked my flight schedule since I booked the tickets all the way back in February. I noticed they switched flight hours so that we wouldn`t get to Spain at 2 am and then they seemed to switch it back so whatever, right... When I got to the airport yesterday there was a scared little old lady whom had never flown before and was terrified of getting lost in the airport and not knowing where to find her luggage, etc. and her daughter asked me if I was willing to chaperone her. Sure, I´d love to. That was my chance to find out that her son was waiting for her in Barcelona`s International Airport right in the big city itself and not in Girona where I THOUGHT we were gonna land and where I didn`t have a room booked anyway cause they were out of singles online and I figured I`ll just either get a double for the night or beg them to send me elsewhere (Catalunya doesn`t seem to do the English version of the internetz much). So THAT`s what was up with the schedule change.

On the bright side, I got a free ride from the airport to the place where papper_docka and I are going to stay from the little old lady`s very grateful son. Upon arriving there, I put on my best Ikea Lamp Thrown Out In The Street All By Herself face and was told they were full, but they could recommend other places which given BCN`s tourist influx this weekend would most likely also be full. There was a grumpy looking old man at the reception with the young girl and I don`t know if he was impressed by my lame attempts at Spanish or just more sensitive to Ikea commercials because he said there might be something and he`ll check.

On the not so bright side, I broke my brand new birthday present suitcase on the way to my last minute room. One of the wheels just... came off. But at least I wasn`t out in the streets.

This day has started out swell though. Last night I accidentally showered in the boy`s bathroom and only later realized the girls` bathroom was on the other end of the floor. There was no peen there though. This morning I dutifully went to the girls` bathroom and the first thing I see when I enter? Peen. Naked peen. There were also towel-clad female legs next to it so I think it was there on a field trip with his girlfriend.

Hey, if it worked as a good-luck charm for the medieval artists, works for me too... I`m off to find a bus to Girona so I can pick up papper_docka.

Two hours and counting

I've been officially on vacation for two hours. It doesn't feel that way yet because I still have so much stuff to do before I leave but... \0/

polvodestrella  will be my... sixth  friend that I meet outside of the flist. Can't wait. All of y'all so far have been just incredibly wonderful people. The internet might be for pr0n, but it's also the best medium to make friends you can truly click with because of who you are and what you have in common with them, rather than just geographical circumstances or being stuck in the same school.

The internet situation is a big unknown at this point. I'm not taking my laptop with me because I don't feel like carrying it around with me in Portugal, I think I can with limited quickies for two weeks.


There was once a dream that was Rome...

I finally got around to downloading season 1 of Rome. I saw some glimpses of the show on a premium channel here and I thought: "Oh, goodie! I never got past the Ceasar years in the Masters of Rome books so... " Frankly, I'm surprised Coleen McCullough managed to write anything after Ceasar's death, she was so utterly in love with him, it was  half touching, half creepy. Anyway... Episode 1 left me underwhelmed. It didn't feel... grandiose enough I guess, not for the introduction to this fascinating world. It all looked very business-like, which I'm sure it was in reality, but... it lacked that... societal tragedy vibe to it that far less historically accurate Gladiator did so well. I'll keep watching to see if the season picks up speed for me, but I'm surprised I didn't become instantly obsessed, given my fascination with the subject matter.

One thing I'm sure of though is that I wish Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo somehow... switched bodies because Ray Stevens is definitely my type of yumm, but I can't help it if I go for the quiet-but-intense-on-the-inside Boy Scout type. So I think I'm going to be Lucius' girl if I get into the show enough to keep watching.

PS: While in tvland... If there is a God, he will NOT allow the Amazing Horrid Ex-Cheerleaders to win The Amazing Race. Or whineyass Luke for that matter. Yes, Victor is my reality tv boyfriend so I might be a bit biased...

I'm trying to distract myself with tv to cover up all the things I still need to do before I leave for Spain/Portugal. *sigh*



I just applied for a job in Gibraltar. They need my language skillz in the gambling industry.

Of course I'm not serious about it, but come on... Gibraltar! If they advertized a bookie position in Ougadougou or Timbuktu, I would have been SO there as well.  Sure, this location is basically in Spain, but it sounds so much more exotic to say I'm thinking of relocating to Gibraltar. :p

PS: Natalia, if I had ANY sort of accounting skills and experience, I would have applied for an accounting position in Warsaw. If only I didn't hate math in school, we could have been neighbors. *g*


It's official!

papper_docka and I are heading for an epic meeting with polvodestrella  in less than a month in lovely  Catalunya.

The Universe might implode. *g*

Now that I'm awake...

It's time to offer a massive transcontinental birthday glomp to the one and only YASY!!! SHE is the maker of pretty, pretty things and I am not, but she knows it comes from the... heart (honest, I swear...) so that's all that matters:

First things first: Poland did kick ass on the flying hill! W00t! Second, Slovenia is freakishly clean and quiet and proper and you'd THINK papper_docka and I wouldn't have fun in a place like that, but you'd think wrong. We managed to be both proper and ladylike and do a lot of sightseeing (but that's mostly because she's awesome and will tirelessly drive me anywhere) in three countries over three days, but also down Cuba Libres and dance the night away with intoxicated Slovenians and Norwegians. OK, so maybe not so much "the night away", but only until we realized they were ugly and we'd rather go home and stare at much hotter men on the internet, but you get the idea.

The mountains in Kranksa Gora are the kind that sprout from the ground in all their dramatic glory and would make for a great and cheaper-than-New-Zealand background for an epic non-Michael Bay blockbuster.


It actually looks even more breathtaking in non-postcard pictures, which you'll see when papper_docka uploads them (hopefully not exhausting herself in the process this time... oh wait... there's always other pictures available for a distraction to make the waiting sweeter... ;) )

We went to have dinner across the no longer existing border in Italy and had a very nice stroll through Trieste and DIVINE Italian ice cream that made us basically moan as we were walking down the street delighting in its creamy deliciousness. But what we also had was a laughing fit upon noticing the promotional strategy for Trieste. Somebody actually went out, took these pictures and slapped them on postcards so you can send them to your friends and coo about how cheerful and lovely Trieste is:


We actually took this one out, stood right in the middle of that beautiful piazza by the Adriatic and compared the palazzos there with the dimly lit Communist blocks they advertize and seriously... Trieste's slogan should be: TRIESTE- NOT AS FUGLY IN REALITY!

Our favorite has got to be this one though, for the sheer WTF factor of trying to guess what the dark blotched building that's supposed to be a tourist attraction is.

We actually enjoyed our Italian escapade and the city quite a lot, so I suppose the fact that it has the world's most LOL-worthy postcards only helped. But the ice cream... Mmmmmm... the ice cream.

THIS was waiting for us when we got back to Slovenia and the rest is basically... a blur for our fangirl brain.

I came to work straight from Vienna and I actually had to catch up with quite a lot of it, so I'm too zombified to collect my thoughts other than to once more say how much I love papper_docka and how when we're crazy old ladies with purple hair, we're still going to be like two peas in a pod, having more fun than I could imagine having with anyone and probably shamelessly checking out young men's butts on the streets of the world's capitals.

Sounds like a good plan

It turns out the internets was not the only important anniversary to celebrate on Friday.

I've been following Gary Arndt's travel blog for only a few months, but he's been a nomad around the world for two years and one day.

I am often asked how long I’ll be traveling for. The answer I’m giving is: forever.

I think I've started contemplating that lately because much to the dismay of my 16 yr. old overachieving self, there's simply no grand plan and not much else I want to do with myself long term. I don't really see children and family and all that in my future, though I'm not ruling it out, and I don't care about much else. There's always somewhere that's not here. I find that reassuring.

It's baby steps for now and one I'm incredibly excited about is seeing papper_docka again for a few days of fun in the snow in Slovenia. She's going to pick me up in Vienna on Thursday and we'll be off to the final leg of the Ski Jumping World Cup. Go Poland!



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